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Love & Solitude

The month of love is a theme that seems easy to create art around; a little red here, a smile there, pink hearts in that corner - et voila! – You have a valentine’s LookBook.

This month however, we struggled with what we really wanted to say about affection, about valentines and overall about love. Especially in a time when it feels like the idea of romantic love is evolving & in constant flux.

We struggled with a theme for this month’s LookBook all the way to the day of the shoot. it wasn’t until our photographer (director extraordinaire & love guru) Sana suggested we play with the idea of me-time as a form of self-love that the idea of ‘Love & Solitude’ came to be.

So then, in a month filled with celebration of intimacy between people we celebrate closeness with self. Alone time to read, reflect & enjoy your own company.

In the words of Yrsa Daley-Ward

“Romance your damn self.”

Thanks as always to our friends at Bata - whose comfortable heels allow us to run around on set.


Photography: Sana Ginwalla

Styling: MaFashio

Art Direction: MaFashio x Sana Ginwalla



Kayi & Kii.