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'Something Old, Something New...'

Diary Entry

By: Kayi

04 | 12 | 2018

On the 24th of November, 2018, my mother hosted our first event in the lead up to my wedding.
It was a full day, overflowing with love and wisdom.

In lieu of having a (full-on) kitchen party, my mother, Kii and I decided we would celebrate love and this stage of my life with a series of intimate and meaningful events.

From 10am to 5pm on Saturday, I was surrounded by my mothers, women that have played a role in influencing the kind of woman I am today and continue to become. These women that have watched me grow, that have stood by our mother as she raised 3 kids as a single parent, women that have prayed, cried and laughed with her.

Our mum hosted 4 distinct groups of women. Women leaders from our church, her sisters and cousins, my “older sisters” in church and finally, mum's closest friends. 

I spent the day in awe of their wisdom, humbled by their love for my mother, and for me. They shared from the depths of their hearts, their experiences in love and life.

We laughed, shed a tear, ate and laughed again. Any journey can be daunting, but knowing that I have these wonderful women, makes the path clearer.

The day ended with an impromptu shoot in my grandmother's backyard, sharing moments with my love, reflecting on the reality of our decision and giggling at inside jokes. 

I am truly thankful to my mothers, for making it such an extraordinary day.

Here’s to old friendships and new journeys. Here’s to something old and something new.

Kayi. <3

Event design: Mum, Kii and Kayi

Kayi’s Dress: Joyce Mushili
Decor: Gloria Chongo
Catering: El Jemimah's
Ira Alexander Photography and Videography

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