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Of Honesty and Love, Grandmothers and Growth

Diary Entry

By: Kayi




I’m always saying to my family and friends how things seem to stay the same until they aren’t anymore.

One minute I’m a 12 year old, jamming hard to Lutricia McNeal in my parent’s backyard, and the next - I’m still jamming hard to Lutricia and laughing with Kii at the oddity of the fact that I’ll be married in less than a month.

As part of the journey leading up to marriage/the wedding, we held our second event, hosted by my maternal grandmother. Anyone close to me knows how much she means to me, over the years she has become one of my very best friends.

I’m always stopping by her and my granddad’s house, announcing that I’ll only be there for a couple of minutes and finding myself staying hours and hours – discussing everything from love to the meaning of sustainable development.

My Jennifer is one of the smartest, kindest, most beautiful women I know, and she is surrounded by women just like her. So when Kii, my mum, and I were discussing hosting small meaningful events prior to the wedding, one hosted by my Gran seemed the perfect fit – and to be honest, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

On the 9th of March, 2019, my grandmother gathered 25 or so of her closest friends and family (all grandmothers themselves) and we basically partied. It was an amazing and enlightening morning, filled with honest conversations and tangible affection.

My grannies shared on the joys of family, on faith, on hospitality and business & investment – they even threw in a skit (based on my love and I) for good measure.

I kept sneaking glances at my Gran, taking in these precious moments, taking in the love, the joy in her eyes, and soaking in the realization that I am really and truly blessed to know her, to have been able to sit with her on such an occasion.

My Gran thought it would be an absolutely wonderful idea to have “the Groom” show up as a cute surprise for the Granma’s, and sure enough, his arrival brought with it squeals of delight.

He shared with them how we met (he got ALL the details right ;)) to a couple of “oohs” and “aahs” and was asked questions about various things before we sat together for a joint presentation on effective communication by one of my Gran’s closest friends, Granma Rose.

The beauty of this journey is, for me, the opportunities to learn and build our relationship. From the little, to the grand details, and to have women that have years of experience in life and love under their belts pour out their heart’s, makes it all the more meaningful to me.


Here’s to honesty, here’s to love, here’s to my grandmother(s), and here’s to growth.

Kayi. <3

Event design: Granma, Mum, Kii and Kayi

Kayi’s Dress: Joyce Mushili
Decor: Gloria Chongo
Catering: El Jemimah's
Ira Alexander Photography and Videography

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