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Photographs Of Dead Lovers

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Diary Entry

By: Kii


I wrote a book!

When I was 17 I read a poem that ended in the words:

"One day I will write you a letter full of my heartbreak"

& in it's own way that is what this book is. 
A letter.

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About growing up broken and brown; about pain & grief; about mistakes; about loving all the wrong people (& loving all the right people the wrong way).

A written account of regrets, memories and beginnings. 
A look back at all the old things; at all the Photographs of Dead Lovers."

A book of Poetry & Prose -

Written by Tukiya Fundafunda

Illustrated by the talented Angela Chilufya.

Available at Planet Books - Arcades Mall Lusaka.

Coming to Amazon Kindle Mid-August 2018! 

Tukiya Fundafunda